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Monthly meetings:  2nd Monday of each month (except January, and yes we do meet on public holidays)   7.30pm – 10pm
Brisbane Theosophical Society Auditorium
355 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, Brisbane Click to view the map


Monday 9th March 2020


Marc grew up in Sydney and bought his first Astrology book at 10 and started practising Astrology at 29. He went on with his studies and founded the ‘Sydney Astrology School’ in 2020.
Marc has the Federation of Australian Astrologers Diploma in Astrology and was presented with the Gold Medal for Excellence as well as both the Allan Johnson Award and the Doris Greaves Award by the Federation of Australian Astrologers when achieving his accreditation.
Marc is a popular speaker on the talk circuit in Australia and overseas. A speaker at the FAA Conference in Melbourne and the IVC Conference in India in 2020. Marc has written for Wellbeing Astrology Magazine, Use Nture, Super Living, Sage and the FAA Journal. Marc has appeared on Channel 10 news with Astro updates.

NEPTUNE SQUARE NEPTUNE – Revisioning the Dream
Awakening to Life’s Second Act

The Neptune square Neptune transit dissolves anything that is not in alignment with your soul s plan. Stripped spiritually naked, you are now faced with having to release the person you thought you were.
Your personal myth is now slipping way. This can be a time of transcendent awakening for some or a frantic clutching at straws of others. Life is now re morphing, ready to reset the stage to bring your life home in the second act.


Monday 13th April 2020


Annabelle started studying astrology in 1982 with Doris Greaves, where she developed a good basis in Astrology and Cosmobiology. She then continued her studies with Pamela Rowe, Alia Griffin (Ryder) and Glennys Lawton.
Annabelle achieved her Practitioners’ Certificate in 1993, taught small groups of astrology classes and ran study groups during the 1990s and wrote Sun Sign books for an American Publisher from 2002 -2010.
Annabelle has been interested in harmonics for many years and completed a Unit on Harmonics through the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the UK.

Monday 11th May 2020



Jackie Jordan has been studying Astrology for over 10 years, studied with Kellie Moore and Babula Clement. Frequently attends workshops and the FAA International Conference.



Veronica gained her diploma of Astrology at the Regulus Ebertin School of Astrology run by Doris Greaves (founder of the FAA) in Canberra in 1999.
She was active in the Canberra Astrology Group, along with notable astrologers such as Roderick Kidston and Rhonnda Fritz. In 2001 she relocated to Brisbane and joined the QFA where she was for some years, the QFA Acrux Editor and a QFA Committee member and is currently our President.
Veronica ran an online web site where she undertook online Astrological counselling for 12 years.

Monday 8th June 2020



Born in Africa, Jeanni brings her lifetime of in-depth experiences and wisdom into her teaching, writing and counselling. Passionately merging her astrological and psychological knowledge into her work as a teacher and psychotherapist, Jeanni believes that “a true teacher has the gift of generosity of knowledge, wisdom and spirit”. She has a BA in Psychology, a post-graduate diploma in Education/ Counselling; Masters in Esoteric Psychology & holds the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) Practitioners Diploma. Jeanni was awarded her AAT by the Federation of Australian Astrologers’ National Council which recognises her as a fully Accredited Astrology Teacher. Jeanni is an active committee member of the QFA (Queensland Federation of Astrologers); Vice president of the APA (Association of Professional Astrologers) and is an examiner on the FAA Examination Board for the FAA Practioner’s Diploma.
Jeanni conducts astrology classes from beginners to advanced level and is an empowering astrotherapist in ‘soul purpose’ horoscope consultations. She works with the ‘Spirit of Women’ flower essences and mindfulness meditation for deep spiritual healing and is available for one-to-one and skype consultations, lectures and workshops. Jeanni is dedicated to promoting the spiritual journey of all beings and especially the evolution of human consciousness.
 Mobile: 0407 324 861,  web

CHARYN McLEAN is a professional astrological consultant from Queensland holding a Dip Astro (FAA) and a Dip. Prof. Coun., she is also a teacher.  Her astrological focus is psychological/karmic astrology.
Charyn approaches her work from a Chironic therapeutic perspective, integrating counselling and Australian bush flower essences with the art of astrology.  She also works as a consultant for naturopaths and other alternative therapists who specialise in fertility issues.   Contact:     0413 044 025


Monday 13th July 2020


HARRIE BAHLIN BA, DipEd, DipLi and AdvDipEd has been studying astrology since October 1983 and teaching it since 1987.  He has been President of the QFA and ACRUX editor, has served on the National FAA Council, edited the FAA Journal and was Treasurer for the FAA Conference in Brisbane in 1998.
Contact Harrie at

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Our thanks to Sylvia Wilson, QFA Vice President (and FAA National Secretary) for the great job she does each year securing our speakers and arranging our speaker program.