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The Theosophical Society has closed its venue temporarily due to CoVid-19 guidelines. In order to provide continuity for our meetings, from 13th April, 2020 we shall offer our meetings ONLINE using Zoom on the 2nd Monday of each month excepting January (and yes that includes public holidays) 7.30pm – 10ish.
When we return to our Venue we expect meetings will be broadcast from the live event.

2021 Financial QFA/FAA members $10,   2021 pensioner members $7.50,   non-financial members/guests $15,   pensioner non-members/guests $10 .  
Registration essential.  REGISTER HERE

Folk who register for the meeting will receive an email with a link and instructions to join the meeting and afterwards will receive a link to the video recording of the meeting whether or not they actually attend the on line meeting. 

New to Zoom? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts: TRY Zoom This will also enable you to experience the platform and become more comfortable with it ahead of time. You will have a better experience using the app rather than tuning in via the web.

Zoom can be accessed via computer, tablet or smart mobile phone (audio and video) or via phone (audio only). All details will be sent ahead of time via email so I suggest you register well ahead of the day.
If you have a very slow computer or internet connection, listening without video requires much less resource.

Participants may chat before and after the presentations (the line will be open from 7pm) will be muted during the presentation and can ask questions via the chat box. Questions will be handled at the end of the talk (time permitting).

During Covid restrictions, members may borrow from the QFA virtual library at no charge, contact webmaster@qfa.net.au to arrange borrowing.  During shutdown the Book Library is unavailable.
Our evening speakers are usually recorded, if you register and pay you will receive a video recording of the session to download whether or not you attend live.  Recordings are available for members from the library or for purchase in mp3 Download format for $10 members, $15 non-members.

Queensland Federation of Astrologers Inc. 
Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Queensland Federation of Astrologers will be held online via Zoom on 13th December 2021 commencing at 7.30 pm.  Motions and general business items to be included in the Agenda must be delivered to the Secretary in writing PO Box 515 Waterford Qld 4133 (email acceptable – secretary@qfa.net.au) no later than 14 days before the AGM.  (Monday 29th  November 2021).


Items of general business will be posted to the website www.qfa.net.au by Tuesday 30th 2021.  Postal votes must be lodged with the Secretary no later than 24 hours prior to the AGM.


Elections for 2022
Under the provisions of the Constitution of the Queensland Federation of Astrologers Inc notice is hereby given that Nominations are called for the election of Officers and Committee of the QFA Inc for 2022.

Section 25, sub-section(c), sub-paragraph (ii) – “The Secretary shall at least 28 days before the Annual General Meeting call for nominations for such elections by such means as the committee may consider practical in all the circumstances so as to inform members entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and vote of the fact that nominations are open.”

The positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 Committee members. Nominations must be given to the Secretary in writing with the name and signature of the person being nominated, together with the name and signature of the person nominating them (nominations and acceptances by email Secretary@qfa.net.au, text +61 (0)419 872 594 or messenger @Jo-Anne Cardosi, are acceptable). Members MAY nominate themselves.  This must be delivered to/received by the Secretary no later than 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.  Nominations received after the 29th November 2021 will not be accepted.

Members may be nominated for more than one position and if they are elected to a position their nomination for further positions is automatically rescinded.   If there are insufficient nominations to fill all positions, nominations will be accepted from the floor. 

The online Nomination form is available HERE and may be registered on line or printed to be mailed. A pdf version of the form is available here 2022 Committee Nomination Form  or you can print and mail the form printed below.

Nominations for QFA Inc Committee will be posted to the website by Monday 30th November 2021.  If there are more nominations than positions elections will be held at the online meeting and financial members will have the opportunity to lodge Postal votes which must be lodged with the Secretary no later than 24 hours prior to the AGM.

Jo-Anne Cardosi, Secretary QFA Inc


Online festivities, fun lecture and entertainment will follow the AGM



Saturday 27th November 2021
10am – 2pm  ON LINE

Timezone is Brisbane, AEST (UT + 10)  check your timezone here


Martin Sebastian Moritz lives in Hamburg and Berlin. He started out as actor and dancer, before his life took a turn and he decided to study psychology and astrology. With ten years of teaching Psychodrama under his belt, he now specialised in couple therapy, often helped with astrological readings.  By now he has been a consulting psychological astrologer for more than two decades. He lectures all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. He gave talks at NORWAC; the AA conference and the London based Astrological Lodge. He also lectures for MISPA. He writes articles for German and Swiss astrology magazines, as well as for the Astrological Journal. His keen interests are Psychological and Karmic Astrology, as well as gender studies.. His book ‘Pandora’s Box – The mysterious 8th house’ was published in September 2021. His website: astro-via.com.

Singletons in the chart  We often take those elements of which we have plenty for granted, even can get bored with them. Welcome to yawn city. If, on the other hand, an element is completely missing, we can become quite worried. What to do? Missing elements are often delegated into the shadow, prone to all sorts of defense mechanisms, mostly projection. And can we presume that one planet in an element is better than none at all? Well…no, not quite! Richard Idemon called these planets ‘singletons’ and attached a great deal of significance to them. After all, they have to carry the whole weight of this element, which can never be an easy task. And so singletons are at odds when it comes to integrate themselves into the chorus of the chart, they are not team player. It rather wants to become the conductor of the whole chart and play first fiddle in our consciousness. A prima ballerina or a black sheep, the runt or the pig of the litter.
We often become obsessed with this singleton and this element, transfixed by everything they archetypically represent. The singleton can become a loose cannon and act as an energy sucking vampire, residing in its house like in a sinister castle, from where it wreaks havoc.
This sounds stressful, and quite rightly so. But what makes these tricksters so fascinating, is that they often represent the hidden gold in a chart. A magical sore-point, which can challenge the other elements to creative ways of expressing themselves. We will look at elements and all planets plus Chiron and Lilith to shed some light on how they can dominate a chart.

Financial Members $au25, guests $au35
When you complete the registration form you will see payment details on the confirmation message.
After you make your booking you will receive an email via JOTFORM which contains details, instructions and the link to join the workshop.  KEEP THAT EMAIL TO JOIN THE SESSION.
The workshop will be recorded and a participants will receive a link to download the recording afterwards.

Workshop is from 10am – 2pm with a break.
Bring your own food and refreshments
Lucky prize draw


Please explore our website pages for information related to activities of the QFA and our members.


President:  Veronica Chlap
Vice President:  Sylvia Wilson
Secretary:  Jo-Anne Cardosi
Treasurer:  Pauline Hepburn
Committee:   Rhonda Buttery (Webmaster)
Marilyn Hillier
Jeanni Monks
Jackie Jordan


Acrux Editor:  Annabelle Bennie
Front Desk/Welcome:  Cyndi Walls
Librarians:  Julie Day & Wendy Pleydell-Fry

updated 8th October 2021

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