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Queensland Federation of Astrologers Inc (QFA) PUBLIC GROUP
23rd International FAA Astrology Conference
23rdFAA International Astrology Conference
your conference coordinators…
Brian Clark & Glennys Lawton
Barbara Thorp
Ph: 03 9699 8994  Mob: 0417 534 436
 Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc

The Federation of Australian Astrologers was incorporated in 1995 and represents a group of people dedicated to the astrological principles of education and research. It is a non-profit making, non-sectarian and non-political body. It was formed to: Encourage co-operation and contact between astrologers in Australia and Overseas Establish and propagate a Code of Ethics for Australian Astrologers Publish a national magazine on astrology – the FAA Journal Publish articles on and to encourage research in all fields of astrology Arrange seminars, meetings, to hold a biennial conference, and other activities to enable discussion of issues in astrology. The FAA International Astrology Conference is hosted every two years by an affiliated association and located in various cities of Australia Conduct examinations and to award diplomas or other documents evidencing the performance of candidates in those examinations.
The Association of Professional Astrologers Inc

The Association of Professional Astrologers (Australia) is an organisation that serves the needs of the Professional Astrologers of Australasia.

Providing a service for those who wish to consult a Professional Member of the Association.

The Professional Directory lists astrologers by Country and State in alphabetical order with Qualifications and Contact Information.

Academic Astrology Qualifications from a Recognised Astrology Examinations Body are criteria for membership and listing in this directory.  
 FindAstrologer.comFind Astrologers world-wide! Astrologers are listed by location, name, and specialties
 Narelle Duncan

Narelle’s Soul Purpose Astrology

Readings and Classes
 Babula Clement

New Dawn Astrology

Babula is back in Brisbane. She continues to be available for Readings worldwide by Phone or Skype.

Babula is offering astrology workshops in the Brisbane area.
Her Astrology Courses and Workshops  are available as mp3 downloads and pdf documents.
See pdf file of topics available. Contact Babula for more information.
Classes and Workshops Available
 Chirone Shakti

Stargazer Astrology
Astrology Courses from Beginner to Advanced/Professional
Astrology Workshops
Private tutorials/mentoring available over Skype
ONLINE courses start July 2016 Chirone Shakti, DFAstrolS, MA, APA member
phone:  0421 814459
website: Workshop schedule:
Dymock Brose Astrologers’ Forum In 1981 Dymock Brose initiated the “Astrologers’ Forum”, a newsletter that invited astrologers from all over the world to partake in discussion and debate.  Dymock continued to edit and distribute this newsletter for the next 23 years.

These have been scanned, indexed and placed on the FAASA website for access by astrologers everywhere

Dymock continues to run an Astrology Forum at
Rhonda Buttery Astrotech

Rhonda Buttery
Agent and Trainer for Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd, creators of Solar Fire, world-class, award winning astrology software.   For all your astrology software and training requirements. Online classes information at or
Facebook page
To Book Solar Fire on-line Classes visit
To arrange Solar Fire on-line private lessons contact Rhonda
Tina Mews

Tina Mews
Astrologer, Counsellor and Australian Bushflower Therapist contact: 02-66897413 or 0457903957
Maggie Kerr
Professional Astrologer, author, counsellor, teacher, coach
Kelly Surtees This post best expresses my passion for working with people just like you, and why I find astrology the best tool for healing, growth and truth telling. Read my bio below, and you might like this youtube clip where I talk about my practice and how I work with clients.
My formal bio:
Astrology has been a passion of Kelly’s for more than 20 years. Since beginning her professional practice in 2002, Kelly has used the meaning of the stars and planets to help countless individuals, couples and families live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Through astrology, Kelly’s clients have conceived babies, fallen in love, changed careers and improved their health. They’ve found the courage to leave a bad situation, avoided or minimised challenges and discovered their strengths. Kelly’s astrology is informative, insightful and easy to understand as she combines solid soul insights with ancient techniques. Having lectured at conferences throughout Australia, Canada and the USA – including UAC, ISAR, NORWAC, FAA, and NCGR – Kelly is respected internationally for her insight, skill and knowledge. She is on the faculty of Astrology University, has taught at Kepler College, and offers a private 18-month training program to students. Kelly’s informative and inspiring presentation style is well loved. Kelly’s numerous columns and feature articles on Astrology, health, creativity, spirituality and wellness have appeared around the globe in magazines such as The Mountain AstrologerWellBeing Magazine, Marie Claire, New Woman, More (UK) and The Sun Herald. Kelly is the editor of the annual WellBeing Astrology Guide (AUS). A holder of the FAA Practitioner’s Diploma, Kelly is also a trained holistic counsellor and remedial massage therapist. Kelly divides her time between homes in Sydney, Australia – where her parents and five siblings live – and Orangeville (just outside Toronto), Canada – where she lives with her super Scorpio husband and kitty cats, Merlin, Venus and Smudge.
Ashtara, Dip Astro FAA, APA is a qualified astrologer.  Her approach is through the integration of eastern spiritual philosophy and western astrology and she joyfully shares her wisdom and knowledge. Students are given free copies of their birth chart and will work with them each lesson. Her classes are fun, interactive, experiential and always enlightening
The International Academy of Astrology
Wisdom, Guidance, History, Mastery
International Academy of Astrology aspires to be the leader in online astrological education, dedicated to instilling our students with a commitment to a lifetime of learning, while empowering them to become professional astrologers of the utmost competence, integrity, and compassion.
25th FAA International Astrology conference
16-20 January 2025
Novotel Hotel, Surfers Paradise, Queensland Australia

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