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Classes and Courses 2020



  Would you love to study Astrology? 
My online Foundation programme is available for you to start any time with a special offer if you’re ready to start right now! 
It’s an amazing journey of self-discovery that also helps you to understand your loved ones better, all the while learning the ancient wisdom of Astrology.
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Aspects & Chart Factors
Foundation 2 ONLINE Astrology Course  $495.00Online: Start anytime.

Learn at your own pace in your own time.The course material is sent to you as video and audio recordings, accompanied by detailed comprehensive course notes for each unit.  Everything you learn will be applied to your own chart, taking you on a journey of personal discovery.Aspects & Chart Factors builds on the solid base provided by Foundation 1, and develops your ability to understand the complexity of natal chart factors.  You will learn how to combine different planetary influences in the chart and how to transform challenging aspect patterns.

Topics include:  Aspects,  Retrograde planets,  Planetary strength,  Basic Astronomy,  Phases of the Moon,     Reading an ephemeris,  Drawing up your own birth chart

Celebrity charts are used as examples as well as your own own chart – deepening your personal journey of exploration and discovery.  You also get to draw up your own birth chart!

This course is suitable for those who already have an understanding of the basics and have completed Foundation level 1.

Module fee AU$495* includes comprehensive notes.




  Life Mastery Astro*Coaching

An exclusive one-on-one programme of ongoing support based on your astrology chart and the energies around you.
Each session is tailored to your specific personal needs and requirements.
If you feel you’d benefit from the insight, clarity and direction that Astrology can provide on an ongoing basis,  please contact me to apply.
I’ll be in touch with more details including the  bonus freebies you’ll be entitled to!




Tuesday evenings 5.30-8pm

at the Lillifield Community Centre
4505 Kyogle Rd, Wadeville NSW 2474

For all bookings and info contact 0457903957  or e-mail




Learn the ancient art of Astrology, Read horoscope charts and discover what cycles and themes are coming up in the future to align with your purpose

Narelle tutors in person or via Skype
Book in at a time and place that suits you

Burleigh Heads Qld  Phone (07)5576 3422  or  book online

Catering for…

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Masters





Dates: Feb 10-March 16, 2020
Class times: Mondays at 07:00 PM Brussels (convert to your timezone)

Astrology is a wonderful tool for self discovery.
You can learn about your patterns and tendencies in love, with money or family, find out about your purpose and direction and so much more.
If you want to unlock the secret language of the sky, join my online beginner astrology class.
This beginner astrology class is the start of your journey to interpret an astrology chart.
Starting at the very beginning, students learn the houses and signs in depth, including things like modes and elements. Along the way, discussion will explore some of the philosophies behind astrology.

From the subject outline…
“Level 1 introduces you to the stage (the houses) and the backdrop (the signs) of the birth chart. By the end of the subject you’ll be able to demonstrate which houses are dominant in your horoscope and explain how this affects your life.
You will be able to determine which Zodiac signs influence things like your finances, relationships and career, and start to understand why you act differently in different situations. You’ll also encounter some of the famous faces throughout history who worked with astrology.”

This is an online course. The course is hosted at

$275 CAD
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Join Kelly for a four part online astrology class on Relationship Astrology. You’ll learn how to work out compatibility in astrology, including the techniques of synastry and temperament. You’ll also learn how timing techniques like transits and progressions influence love and relationships.

Course Details
7 hours 34 min. Includes video, audio, slides, reading material, handouts and homework assignments.

You’ll get instant access upon registration; instructions will be emailed. The course is hosted at

Reading and optional homework exercises are provided in each lesson, and there is an online discussion in the class portal where you can ask questions and interact with other students in the course.

Includes an additional 75-minute lecture “Topic Specific Chart Inquiry: Love and Career.” Kelly shares a practical how-to guide for chart interpretation when you or your clients have a specific topic in mind like love or career.

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Please join me to enrich your life with this most profound of all subjects for conscious awareness and co-creation!

For the past 30+ years of ‘living & loving’ Astrology I have been constantly inspired by this ‘ultimate model’ as it interweaves the SCIENCE of energy with the PHILOSOPHY that there is an inherent ORDER that drives the CONSCIOUSNESS of creation.  It reveals that everything is INTERCONNECTED and driven by CYCLES.

It offers us a tool for accessing the history of our Soul, and the purpose for our coming here in the first place. The Natal Birth Chart or “HOROSCOPE” contains this knowledge plus…

  • Provides the link between the SOUL and our PSYCHE to reveal how our DNA activates our actions & outcomes.
  • Combines Psychological Astrology to ‘diagnose’ our unconscious patterns AND tools from Psychotherapy to ‘re-program’ and heal them. So every step of the way you have the opportunity to learn how your psychological ingredients drive your ‘nature’ AND to empower areas that are limiting your best outcomes.
  • Teaches how to work consciously with your life cycles to enable best choices and know when to expand, or take action, or consolidate, or flow, or change, or release old cycles.
  • It also provides the ‘big picture’ of human evolution through the study of historical cycles during this pivotal time in global affairs.

The course consists of FOUR MODULES that follow each other in a natural progression from beginners to advanced level.

Each module includes Weekly Classes with Modules 1 & 2 providing a fantastic foundation to Astrology.  If you are smitten then on you go to the Advanced level in Modules 3 & 4.

You also receive…

  • “The Planets in The Houses” e-book -227 pages of insightful information for chart interpretation.
  • Monthly Webinar with Maggie summarizing the classes with the opportunity to ask questions & gain feedback.
  • Links to Free Chart Calculation services & hundreds of hours of relevant recordings from Maggie’s files and archives of workshops and seminars.

In these rapidly changing times it is essential to equip ourselves with knowledge & tools to make the best of the excellent fresh potential, and also manage the challenging forces. The Universal Astrology e-Course will show you how!

Here is the link to find out how Astrology can enlighten and empower your life

I look forward to you joining me on this excellent life changing adventure.
Cheers!  Maggie