Next Meeting

Monday 14th September 2020  via GoToMeeting
7.30 – 10pm

While the Theosophical Society Building is closed and social distancing is in place we will continue our meetings on line via GoToMeeting. Financial members of the QFA will receive a link to join the meeting.

September meeting will again be FREE for 2020 Financial QFA/FAA members, $15 for non-financial members/guests, $10 for non-financial pensioner members/guests. If you are not a financial QFA member, Registration essential (FAA Affiliates will also need to register to receive an access link). Attendees and registrants will receive a link to the video recording of the session.  REGISTER HERE

Monday 14th September 2020


SHEILA STOKES is qualified in Hotel and Catering Management, Teaching, Counselling and Astrology (FAA Practitioner’s Diploma and APA member). She has studied Hellenistic astrology and spiritual healing and runs meditation groups and astrology classes in Brisbane. Sheila has travelled extensively through the world and Australia. Sheila says astrology has been her saviour on lots of occasions.
ASTROLOGERS – What we all have in common and what makes us curious about the topic of astrology. 

 updated 25th August 2020