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When access is available meetings are live at the Brisbane Theosophical Society Auditorium, 355 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill and simultaneously broadcast via Zoom.  If access to our venue is not available, meetings are conducted via Zoom



LIVE at the Brisbane Theosophical Society Auditorium, 355 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill
AND broadcast LIVE via ZOOM
(Registration Essential) 

Our Christmas Meeting and Party

MONDAY 12th December 2022  Hybrid meeting. 
Attend LIVE at the Brisbane theosophical Society Auditorium, 355 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill  AND on ZOOM

The December meeting is FREE for 2022 Financial Members. 
All financial members will receive a link to join the meeting via zoom.  $15 for guests, $10 for pensioner guests.

All who attend the December meeting in person will receive a complimentary 2023 Moon calendar.

Relevant documentation will be included in the December ACRUX.  Minutes of 2021 AGM will be taken as read

MARILYN HILLIER The Origins and Rudolph and Commercialisation of Christmas

MARILYN HILLIER has been studying Astrology since 1995. She has studied with many teachers who have given her great inspiration.
She has been President of the Gold Coast Astrological Society (GCAS) since 2004 and for some years has been a Committee Member of the QFA.
Marilyn has taught astrology at the U3A on the Gold Coast from 2004-2008 and wrote the sun sign column for the White Light Magazine from 2008-2012. She loves the diversity of astrology research and the history you discover with Astrology.

The Origins of Rudolph and the Commercialisation of Christmas



ANNABELLE BENNIE  looking the the Solar Return for the QFA

Annabelle started studying astrology in 1982 with Doris Greaves, where she developed a good basis in Astrology and Cosmobiology. She then continued her studies with Pamela Rowe, Alia Griffin (Ryder) and Glennys Lawton.
Annabelle achieved her Practitioners’ Certificate in 1993, taught small groups of astrology classes, ran study groups during the 1990s and wrote Sun Sign books for an American Publisher from 2002 -2010.  She completed a Unit on Harmonics through the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the UK.  Annabelle has been our QFA Acrux Editor and the APA Newsletter editor for the last few years.


There will be mystery charts (one event and one person) for you to ponder, Prize for first correct answer.

Wear your fancy Christmas attire, there will be a Prize for the best Chritmas outfit (one male, one female).  Please bring a plate of festive food to share.  Wine, soft drink, tea and coffee provided.  Bring a few dollars for raffle tickets ($2 each, 3 tickets for $5).



Updated 17th November 2022

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