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Monday 9th August  2021 via Zoom
7.30 – 9.30pm ish

While the Theosophical Society Building is closed and social distancing is in place we will continue our meetings on line via Zoom. 
When we return to our Venue we expect meetings will be simultaneously broadcast from the live event.
Recording will be available for folk who register to attend.

2021 Financial QFA/FAA members $10,  pensioner members $7.50, 
non-financial members/guests $15, pensioners $10 .
Registration essential.   REGISTER HERE

Monday 9th August 2021


SHEILA STOKES has have been practising Astrology for over 25 years, qualifying with the FAA in the early 2000’s and becoming a member of the APA in 2009. She uses Hellenistic Techniques layered with Modern ones to deliver a solid platform of astrology that is relevant today. Sheila operates Aditi Astrology and runs weekly classes, workshops and sees clients. She is passionate about the application of astrology along with the deep interconnected relationships that sing out through a chart and it never gets old!


THEMA MUNDI  Sheila will briefly explain how the Thema Mundi fits in to the historical development of our astrological craft. 
In some ways it is quite simple but what makes it hard is that from this point on we have some conflicting concepts to deal with. So I will bring those points out so we can all begin to recognise them and decide what to do with them!!
She will be making sure that this talk is as chart focused as she can by bringing in the application of the information that flows down into practical use.


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