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Monday 9th March 2020
7.30 – 10pm

Brisbane Theosophical Society Auditorium
355 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, Brisbane

Monday 9th March 2020


Marc grew up in Sydney and bought his first Astrology book at 10 and started practising Astrology at 29. He went on with his studies and founded the ‘Sydney Astrology School’ in 2020.
Marc has the Federation of Australian Astrologers Diploma in Astrology and was presented with the Gold Medal for Excellence as well as both the Allan Johnson Award and the Doris Greaves Award by the Federation of Australian Astrologers when achieving his accreditation.
Marc is a popular speaker on the talk circuit in Australia and overseas. A speaker at the FAA Conference in Melbourne and the IVC Conference in India in 2020. Marc has written for Wellbeing Astrology Magazine, Use Nture, Super Living, Sage and the FAA Journal. Marc has appeared on Channel 10 news with Astro updates.

NEPTUNE SQUARE NEPTUNE – Revisioning the Dream
Awakening to Life’s Second Act

The Neptune square Neptune transit dissolves anything that is not in alignment with your soul s plan. Stripped spiritually naked, you are now faced with having to release the person you thought you were.
Your personal myth is now slipping way. This can be a time of transcendent awakening for some or a frantic clutching at straws of others. Life is now re morphing, ready to reset the stage to bring your life home in the second act.