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Updated 14th July 2019


Monday, 12th August 2019
7.30 pm - 10 pm

Brisbane Theosophical Society Auditorium
355 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, Brisbane  Click to view the map

Monday 12th August 2019


Jo-Anne has been studying astrology for 21 years and will continue studying as it is a subject so deep and meaningful that it never ends. Her approach to astrology is holistic:- exploring karmic issues and emotional blockages that can lead to unhappiness and physical ailments. Life should be and can be full of joy.
Jo-Anne holds the Dip.Astro. (FAA), Certificate in Astrology-Chiron Centre Melbourne, BA Arts Swinburne, Grad.Dip. Career Education Rusden.
Jo-Anne offers Natal chart interpretation-how to develop your personal strengths, The year ahead on your birthday, Career direction, Relationship issues, Behavioural problems, Difficulties with children, Horary questions, Pet charts, Preparation for FAA exams, and General interest classes including Tarot.
She is currently preparing for APAA membership (Australian Professional Astrologers Association) Counselling course and is Secretary Queensland Federation of

Arc transform chart: A special form of harmonic chart in which the distance between a pair of planets and/or angles is expressed as a decimal fraction of the 360ĚŠ circle, and then this decimal number is used to multiply all chart factors to create a new chart.  Jo-Anne has some very interesting examples of this technique in play.


Jackie Jordan has been studying Astrology for over 10 years, studied with Kellie Moore and Babula Clement. Frequently attends workshops and the FAA International Conference.

Topic Autopsy- Michael Jackson

Based from the facts gathered from the TV series Autopsy, a look into the life and last days of Michael Jackson through astrological charts.


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